New Look Seal offers all asphalt services for both residential and commercial properties at an affordable price. We are not always the lowest bidder, but we are very competitive and strongly people will forget price, but they will never forget excellent product and exceptional service. 

Residential driveways are the backbone of our business. We believe in quality over quanity and guarantee no rushing and no messes, while using the highest quality sealer available. New Look Seal hand applies all residential properties to ensure that the sealer fills all the pores to fully protect your drvieway investment at only pennies per square foot. 
Services 2. Commercial


Commercial properties are hand-applied unless otherwise requested. No property is too big to hand apply. We offer striping services as well as asphalt patching or complete dig outs.  Commercial references are available upon request and are given the same attention to detail that all residential properties  recieve. 

Services 3 Property Management

We specialize in aspahlt work, but offer many other services for those who are looking for the New Look professionalism and services. 

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